Friday, February 27, 2009


I would like to thank Helena Minas Gerais, from Brazil for having presented the award to my blog “Noblesse Oblige”. I get to know Helena as I been surfing the internet to read about the topic bringing by others bloggers. I found out her blog “Achados Imperdivies” as a very informative. I like all topics in her blog. Love to read her blog often and often. Helena as a blogger writer you are a wonderful person for sharing and caring. Your blog were good and as a writer and a new friend of mine. I hope others spent time to visits Helena blog then you will get to know what I mean about her blog. Very impressive, learning info and worth! To Helena thanks again of being a friend of mine and your memory, courtesy and consideration to have been nominated me for the award. I am really impressed with you.

This award is given to bloggers who have consistency in their content or are a mixture of any of the following conditions:

1) The blogger expresses attitudes copies, respecting cultures, beliefs, etc. and the differences between them;

2) It is a blog that inspires, encourages and offers solutions;

3) The blog has a clear objective of unity and understanding social, political, economic, artistic, and scientific and cultural beliefs;

4) The blog is updated and creative;

5) The blogger promotes friendship and positive thinking.

*The blogger who receive this award, you need to follow the rules below:
1) Create a post by putting a link back to who presented with the prize;

2) The conditions of the award must also be placed on the post;

3) The blogger should write a short article about what he thinks your blog has done, accomplished and achieved so far in his goal - he can quote a post that exemplifying his opinion.

4) The blogger must make the Premio noblesse oblige with the conditions of the prize.

I love to share knowledge of my previous trip. Also love to add on the information that might help some of people. I had been starting to travel all around the world since I was working with travel agencies 10 years ago. I hope whilst writing about my trip I may share all my knowledge will all. This way I was interacting with people and make more friends. I love to exchanging ideas of any travel need and also answer anyone of any travel needs.

By travel abroad I make more new friends around the world and had the opportunity to interact with people who were completely different from me. I’ve learned others cultures and instead understand their life. And via blogging I get to know a lot more information. Some of friends’ bloggers do give me ideas of blogging. It was an amaze experience, forgettable. The best was to realize that people love reading my blogs; love looking at my pictures again and again visited my site. Internet is a mirror of the real world where like tend to come together and find wherever they are ... and that not everything is lost anyway, and that to me is proof that I am on track. Thanks to you all my net friends, muaahhhhh.

Now I want to pass this award on, offering it to all bloggers who are following findings not miss. These bloggers are always here and to some extent, are major factors for its growth. Therefore invite all my blog followers to come here once more to get the prize and affectionately dedicated especially to them. I would be very happy if all agree ... But I would also make it clear that nobody will be forced to accept it because the fact will not change in any way the importance it has for me and my blog. Again, thank you all for friendship, attention and kindness.

Lots of love from me, Pink Shiba_Sakura IIDA Smiles.

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